I took on the Make Your Own Commercial! assignment worth 3 1/2 stars. I was flipping through at random and found this one and since I had just completed the radio bumper assignment I thought it would be fun to stay on a trend.

For my radio commercial I decided to advertise for a fictional company that sold underwater real estate. You know homes underwater. I got the idea because I was in my room and my fish tank was bubbling super loudly and so I put the two together. At first I was going to record in my room with the background fish tank sound thinking that would add to the underwater housing effect. However it ultimately just made the audio difficult to hear and not very pleasing to listen to so I scrapped that idea. Next I had to figure out what I was going to say I based most of the language off of what I could remember of housing commercials. I also included a part where I gave a bunch of information quickly because doesn’t every radio commercial have that towards the end? It took my quite a few takes to not trip over the words when I spoke them. (I tried just speeding up the audio but I felt it sounded too distorted and unnatural.) I used Audacity to both record the clips and to play around with the timing to make them all go together as best as I possibly could. The room I recorded in had a small air system noise in the background that I mostly got rid of but what was left gave a hollow feeling. Which I actually felt was kinda cool creepy though it was super faint.

I wanted to add more to it then just my voice though and so I went and found some background music that I added behind my voice. I made sure it was Public Domain before using it and turned it down so it wouldn’t over power my words. Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out.