After listening to the DS106 radio for the first two live broadcasts I figured I needed to take a swing at working on my own already. My approach was to go for a standard radio add, but minus the loudness that I usually associate with radio bumpers. Usually the examples I could think of from radio channels I listen to in the car and tuned into a few to listen to how they promote their channel. I wanted to stray away from loud and brashness that I tend to think of for those ads but still stay on topic. I heard the other ads and liked the approach of including information of some kinda about the DS 106 radio not just its name on its own.

I went ahead and booked out time in the HCC’s audio booth to go record this clip and work on another vocal assignment. I know the vocal booth gets better sound than anywhere else I could record it, plus I have a fish tank in my room so I can’t record any audio in there because it would have an obnoxious and distorting sound going on in the background the whole time. Though I bet there is a way to use the fish tank sound in an assignment at some point which could maybe be a cool look into background noise but I digress.

To give my bumper some more depth I used a radio static sound from Free Sound at the start of the clip. But then I decided to have the static faintly carry through the whole clip because it sounded too empty without it.