The Text Impression assignment (worth 2  1/2 stars) was all about reading aloud text from Facebook or other social media site’s comments and trying to impersonate the people in the text. I decided to look through my own Facebook for inspiration. Originally I thought “oh easy i’ll just pick one of those times someone elses older relatives randomly comment on my pictures.” (Who hasn’t had that happen to them.) But as I went through I found those comments were only two max in a thread so it did not make enough sense to use them for the assignment. Instead I tried to find where I had gotten the most comments on a post that were interesting and not just short blurbs. I decided to pick a post I made way back when I got my first internship. I posted this photograph with a caption about my first day at work.

I decided to start my audio with reading my own statement with the photograph to make sure it stayed in context. I recorded each audio separately so I could go back and fix select parts as needed and rerecord what sounded off. The conversation was between me and two other people. I tried to sound distinct in my voices from them but it was kinda hard I am not one for impressions usually. Regardless it was fun to try it out and see how to best convey their comments and how I knew they meant it based on their personalities so the subtext beyond the straight all caps text.