To start off with I really like astronaut stuff, especially analyzing actual NASA broadcasts from early missions that still exist. So the start of this broadcast was cool to me the way they incorporated sounds of beeping and static that are all very accurate to the audio that I have previously heard.

The idea of taking a worst case scenario that did not happen is an interesting take. Thinking about how films like Gravity have also playing now into the idea of worst case scenario. In media it is an increasing trend, but interesting too considering how easy it is for something to go wrong so easily. The switching between vocal audio that is static like through transmission to audio between the two astronauts is a interesting audio choice. Also gotta love how it changed history too with Buzz Aldrin as the first man out rather than Neil Armstrong.

Breath and vocal patterns play a big role in this broadcast. In this way it felt very authentic. (I’m also increasingly curious on how they made it sound so authentic.) The clicking of the camera between the descriptions of Moon’s surface was shuttering both in terms of technically and as a stopping point. Also interesting how even in the disaster moment the writers made a choice to have the astronauts recreate the iconic photographs even as they realize they will not being making it back. The reminiscing of the other dead astronauts as they themselves are confronting the expendability of astronauts versus the legacy of space. The fear and calm present in the voices is impressive, there is a sense of quick acceptance and fear conveying a lot of emotion all at once. The switch between the “official president broadcast” to the astronauts dialogue is not as jolting as I expected it to be, perhaps because it is a recorded broadcast sound.

For me sound is something that I try to pay a lot of attention to when watching video and listening to straight audio. I have a habit where I like to rewatch shows I have seen many times while I do other activities like fold laundry but instead of actually watching them I listen to just the audio playing out of my phone or computer. I used to do this a lot when I was younger with the old Scooby Doo cartoons, because they are really structured around music and sound effects to convey the story. I found I could listen to the whole episode and by just listening understand exactly what was happening based on the shift in music and dialogue. Now more often I do this with the show Futurama, where I can hear a short clip of a sound from the show and usually can figure out exactly whats happening based on the sound alone. Sound for me plays a big role in understanding.

There’s another podcast I listened to for awhile called Alice isn’t Dead. The basic premise is a woman who takes a job as a trucker to travel the country to find out what happened to her disappeared wife. There’s a lot more to it and it reminds me a bit of the Limetown story we’ve been listening to on DS 106 radio this week. The reason I bring up this Podcast though is that most of the audio takes place as the narrator drives her truck, so there are a lot of background sounds of road that come across if you are really paying attention that add to the atmosphere. I know I got so into it that once when I was listening to it while driving there was a swerve sound in the Podcast and I panicked thinking it was happing in real life. (It sounded very authentic.)