For 4 stars I did the Ready for my close up mash up. I’ve been going real strong this week with keeping assignments on theme for the class so I wanted to continue with that trend.

So I know that this picture has been used a lot since it turned into a meme but I wanted to use the so called disaster girl photo as my reference for a close up. The picture is well known because of her expression which looks menacing and made people assume she started the fire. (She didn’t the photo has¬†an article all about the image’s context and history.)

So even though it has been referenced by different people I thought I could do something pretty cool with it so I decided to. I brought this image into GIMP and cut out the girl then erased around her any left over pixels so she stood alone. Here I was cleaning up the pixels in the process of editing it.

I next thought about what to put behind her. I wanted something spy themed again to stay on topic with how close I have been doing this week. I also wanted something explosion related because it connected back to the origin of the original image but twisted it in a new way. I decided to go with an explosion scene from the 3rd Mission Impossible film. (Yes I have used mission impossible films a few times over the course of this semester but so far I have tried to avoid repeats since there are 5 films.) I went with this dramatic image.

Next I brought the image into GIMP I cropped out the black lines and rescaled the image so that it fit better into the way I was setting it all up. I also had to figure out where to put the girl. I decided to scale her down and keep her in the bottom right corner so that she seemed to be behind the car. This way she would be theoretically kinda shielded by the car and able to actually be turning back not looking as concerned as she should have been. It also didn’t break up the scene as much and left the context of the explosion.

So with this image I decided that the story behind it was that the young girl had played a role in the explosion being set off.  Getting out of another car out of frame but on the road she was looking to admire her part in the explosion and turned around to get away from the impending chaos.

disaster-girl mission