I was super excited at the start of this week to see what kinds of shows my fellow classmates groups had created I was also super excited to have people hear my groups show. Although I had read people’s blog posts about their shows listening to them was a completely different expierence.

Cloak and Dagger was a particularly interesting show that ran on night one. The show had really steadily recorded audio and narrated through the turning of an operative against the Cloak agency to give data to a group of hackers known as Dagger. The show was well written and it got major points for wrapping in the idea of Shakespear’s Julius Cesear play. The idea of the Dagger group pretending to be the original traitors against Cesear played on the commentary of trying to stop the dictator like group Cloak. (Also major points in my book that the Dagger group was ultimately split into those who wanted to data to make the world better and those who wanted their own power because that is a huge part of the play that people tend to leave out but that worked great in this groups show.)

One of the few things I had a problem with in the show was that pause. I think everyone knows what pause I’m talking about the long extended office work sounds without dialogue. At first it was effective it built tension as you worried about the lead character being caught, but it lasted much longer than it needed. I even zoned out because it just kept going. The sounds were great and well chosen but it went from a good tension builder to feeling like a time filler.

Ultimately Cloak and Dagger was potentially my favorite show  though because they did a fantastic job recording and amazing sound editing. (Whoever did that should do more projects with sound editing.) However while the show had a great narrative and sound quality the majority of the time it was just one person talking (Daniel I think) and there was not a lot of conversations or other group members voices. Yet like I said it was great.

The Miami Spy Convention was another show that had such a great concept. I liked the way they worked in existing spy narratives in the larger genre and create new ideas to go along with them. It was great that they created those new ideas because it helped make it feel fresh and not like they were repeating what had already been done in the characters respective works.  They also had a nice sound making it really feel like you were in a large and crowded space.

The Sexpionage group had a really interesting concept looking at spying to through sex and sexual relationships. They gave a lot of cool information that I had never heard before which was great to learn. (But a few times it kinda felt like I was just being talked at.) My only negative about this show was that it kinda sounded like they introduced the show 3 times throughout the broadcast but otherwise it was an interesting one.

The spy show was probably the group that had the best continual dialogue. The group went back and forth and there was a lot of different distinctive voices. (Which was great to always know exactly who was talking.) Their sounds were also super consistent which helped create atmosphere but those gun shots did get a little loud. I also really enjoyed how they went through their spy gadgets and explained everything.

Overall though all the shows had great pieces to them that I enjoyed listening to. It was amazing how each group’s show was so different from the next!