In the spirit of no wrong answers and no super terrible ideas I sat down to try and figure out just what I would be interested in doing with a radio show group. I’d heard from previous friends who took the course that the radio show was a big deal which is both nervous and awesome inspiring.

So I started to go through some ideas on what could be possible radio shows.

One thought that came to mind was the idea of secret agents discussion the particular perils and pesky paperwork that make up their jobs. Maybe a comparison of jobs within the secret agent community, all about what the different agents have to do. An interesting layer for this could be the idea of redaction inside of a show, that certain phrases are covered over or people have to elaborately talk around something they do rather than just out right say it. (Which is a frequent thing intelligence agencies do all the time.)

Another concept could be something of a team up between agents of different groups trying to solve a mission or particular problem. It could be done as a in the moment all trying to solve the problem or as a group getting back together and reminiscing on the assignment. (The latter version could open up into an avenue of agents disagreeing why things went a certain way or how their roles were more important. Arguments can be compelling.)

Perhaps if everyone inside a radio show group all have characters in the same agency or in connections it could be turned into a kind of office or gossip like show. Discussing the daily issues with secret agent coworkers and offering a humanizing or comical approach to the genre.

That is kinda all I have at the moment in terms of ideas but I’m going to try and work on more developed ones and look at everyone else’s ideas to help get other ideas.