For some of my stars this week I decided to do that Character Resume (3 1/2 stars) and create a resume for my secret agent.

I created the resume in google docs but uploaded it as a PDF. I also decided that I would host the final product as it’s own page on my site to give it an extra effect. I started off with following some of the basic resume looks that I have seen before. I decided to do a split column¬†format initially but then play around with it to create a center area for a profile with information in two columns below. I tried to think of jobs my agent could have had pre-C.I.A. and went with a series of part time jobs and internships. (I found it hard to try and think of what kinds of early jobs my character might have had since I never had thought about it before.) While I was filing out the resume I felt it was lacking a personal element so I decided to add my agents “picture” to the resume. I drew an outlined silhouette using GIMP and fixed it up to add it into the resume.

I used my actual ds106 site as her website and made up a fake email in her contacts section. I tried to keep the resume pretty minimalist, since that fits my character’s personality. I had a hard time deciding what name to use originally I had it as a resume for Agent Fawn however when I looked through the resume I realized that would reveal her regular self to the world. So I decided to use her real name and allude to her secret agent name with the email address and nods to other DS106 work I have done in character. One of those points was that I included the group radio show Agents on Air that our characters took part in. It also helped to give the resume a bit of a fun touch.

Download the PDF file .