As one of the scenes I chose to analyze for photography scenes comes from The Hunt for Red October. This still shot above is from a key scene towards the films end where Jack Ryan and Captain Remius are trying to capture the KGB operative shooting at them in the submarine. I found this particular still fascinating. The whole scene for reference is filmed while the submarine is flashing emergency red lights creating ominous lighting and red saturated colors. At this moment the red flash of the emergency lights lights up the duct work Ryan is climbing as well as his shirt. However the bright white light also is mixed in on his face making the red coloration not as dominate there. This gives a better view of his face and does not obstruct it, the red light though is still present to underscore the situation is still dire.

The image also has a contrast between the whiteness of Ryan’s shirt and the red metal around him and darkness behind where he was crawling along. Again this pulls our attention instinctively towards him and prevents the eye from becoming distracted by either the background or meal work. There is also an interesting perspective in this still as he cranes his neck upward as view him from a slightly above and off center angle. This perspective also creates depth inside the still. Since Ryan’s outreached arm appears to be coming out of the frame as he in fact recedes. (This scene in fact would make a create 3D GIF for this reason. I looked into making one for this however I had a hard time finding a really good quality video on Youtube for the scene.) The entire composition of this shot the background and foreground are purposefully arranged. While Ryan’s hand lamp takes up the direct middle of the image it is not in full focus, because of this and the curve of his arm the eye is again drawn back to his face. His face is the most in focus portion of the still. (This does come across in the film as well.) As in this moment his shocked look is the key fixture in this scene.

Ultimately this still is well constructed in photography terms. The scenes staging and use of color and lighting highlights and centers the focus back on Ryan’s face in a key moment.