For this week we were given two options for what to do with video weeks. While I was reading through the options I got a message from Amari (who was part of our Agents on Air group) about coming together again and doing the group project option. I was interested so we started a google doc to brainstorm. We also asked our previous group members if they were interested in the project as well. Katey ended up being interested so the three of us are creating a video show together.

We created the google doc to brainstorm on just what our show would be about. I suggested something involving the ins and outs of being a spy, and Amari suggested using paper cut outs to tell a story. Katey found a way to bring both ideas together! We would create a show about how to be a spy where we were the hosts, we would then have short segments dedicated to different aspects of spying these short segments would be done in paper cut form. This meant we would have some cool variations in our project but also have consistency. ¬†We decided to name our show “Your Guide to being a Spy” since it is an introduction on how to spy.

We next set up a schedule for when we would record and how. We would film some in the advanced production studio for the clips of us all together. Then we would come together again to film the cut out clips together as well. We each also will be working on finalizing our scripts for Monday so we are ready to record then. So far everything is going well and we are optimistic about filming!