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The Final Update

This week was the final of the final weeks of DS106. It’s been an exciting a crazy semester. My advice for future DS106 students post really captures the spirit of anything I could say about this course.

Amari and I worked together to create a interesting and multimedia filled project that we are proud of and enjoyed. So I am going to let “The Directorate’s Spy” speak for itself.

I also wrote an extensive and insanely long write up to this project. So this weekly summary will be real brief to concede to the content to that post.

I do not have any official comments yet on class mates final projects but that is because I am waiting for everyone’s amazing work to come in so I can enjoy it all at once. (I’ll update this with comments on those projects once they are all up!)

DS106 has been crazy in a great way and a lot of work but 100% worth it all the way.

The Final Mission mission idea

For the final mission we received four missions that we could choose to take. Agent Amari contacted me to see if I was interested in teaming up again so we decided to work together to solve our final mission. We met up in a shared google doc and hashed out which mission to take on and how to approach the project. Now we can’t spell out everything we are going to do in our mission because that would spoil the interesting mission we have planned for everyone. What we can tell you is that we are solving the mystery of the Directorate, who is involved, and DS106 infiltration.

Mission 3: Several agents were appear to have been interviewed by The Directorate. We have a report that they know who all of our agents are. We know they have a foothold on campus. And we have a report that one of our agents has gone rogue and is secretly working for The Directorate. How shall we approach this situation? What can we do about it?

So far we have planned out the overall arch of our narrative and decided on some of the mediums we plan to use in our projects but we are still further developing our concept. We have done some filming so far for a video element to our project and have been planning out some of the other elements. (Such as design ideas and other media.) We are trying to keep some of it quiet for now though because it will make our story a lot more fun to participate in if people do not know the finer details yet. We also reached out to the real Directorate for this project to make something very interesting that I think everyone will enjoy.

Just know Agents Zero and Fawn are working together to solve all the mysteries of the Directorate.

Especially who is their secret mole in our organization.

Agent’s Zero and Fawn will be solving this mission together using many multimedia tools and as a preview we created an introduction of sorts to our project.  Enjoy the introduction to our project:


Other Week Updates

Polling- This week was polling time everyone’s polls were fun to take and they were really neat to write too.

Daily Creates-

Okay only got one in this week but it does raise a lot of questions



Since everyone was so busy working on polls and project ideas commenting was a little more difficult this week. Plus I’m posting earlier on the final day. But hopefully my goofy names for comments each week are interesting enough.

Animal Mission?

Canada and Lawyers


Remashmix Week

This week was mashups and remixes! Some how it felt like even more work then other weeks have been. (Maybe because it is just that crazy time in the semester.) This week all my mashups and remixes related back to spies and our class theme, focusing mainly on action in storytelling.


Daily Creates



Bond and Bourne– I combined a famous James Bond image with a little hidden Bond. Worth 4 stars.

Disaster and Impossible– A close up a disaster of a force, mashing up a popular image with Mission Impossible explosions. Worth 4 stars

A mission Bond mashup– worth 3 1/2 stars, combining dialogue between Mission Impossible and the Bond film Skyfall into a conversation.

3 posters in 1– A combination of film posters to create one pretend poster. Worth 3 1/2 stars.

Remix Time

Mission not Impossible– a Mashup turned remix with a DS106 themed mission

How to Find a Agent– I remixed the children’s story to create a fictional book about finding my agent


Tutorial– I did a tutorial on the mashup assignment Two Movies, One Line, where I went step by step explaining how to trim videos on MPEG Streamclip and use some basic features in iMovie.


A photo mash of bonds

A combo of Spy Kids and Shark Boy and Lava Girl

Combine all the bird mascots

Notting Hill Actually

Waldo and Video 

World is the word


Spy Video time

This week was a bit crazy full of video filming and editing. But it was also a lot of learning.

Video Show Progress Posts

Filming in Action – We did the bulk of our filming all together at once to try and get it started and working so that we would have more time for editing.

For the full write up and behind the scenes on how the video was made learn all about, Your Guide to Being a Spy


Daily Creates

I was excited about Mondays daily create because I really maybe excessively  like Futurama. So I was excited to play around with what the “good news” could be. I toyed around with relating it to either the course theme or just DS106 itself. I ended up going to with DS106 itself and let the good news be DS106 success.


Next it’s not really a daily create but just adding it into the narrative because after I did Monday’s create I noticed my header for twitter could use an update. Previously it reflected college anxiety but I updated it for ds106 specifically.

Fry book collge

fry book ds106

Moving back into daily creates!



Mission Time– my idea for a group take on missions for the DS106 Headquarters



Beauty of Fredericksburg

1 second video


The directorite – the posts about the directorite make me feel like a real spy since I already know Martha haha

Elimination Mission

The end of the start of video week

This week was the start of video for this course. We were given the option of either doing 10 stars of video each week or forming a group and making a 15-30 minute video show. I really enjoyed working on the radio show in my room so when Amari suggested we team up again I was in. Amari, Katey, and I decided to take on the project together. We decided to make a show called Your Guide to being a Spy. (I’ve written a blog post all about the process of creating that show so far, and the exciting points ahead on the project. ) The show is going to be a mix of footage of our agents on the show with a interesting cut out based diagram sections. We are excited an planning out the next steps to share it  with the class.

Daily Create:

I stumped people with my half drawn map.

Video Show progress- learn all about our upcoming show and the steps we’ve taken to make it great!

Interview- this week we had to piece together an interview from the three contributors of interviewers as our spies. I chose questions from all of the clips to mix things up.

Trailer- As a part of being in the group project video show we had to create a trailer for our show “Your Guide to being a Spy” I used stop motion to create my trailer as a preview for the type of set up we might use.

Video Essay– For this assignment I looked at the types of editing and staging used in the film Mission Impossible during a famous train scene. Looking specifically how movement impacts tension.



Heather did a video essay on Nancy Drew

An interesting video essay on Skyfall (I really enjoyed watching the video essays this week.)

Agent Zero’s interview had very nice audio

The Rob Lowe interview

Censoring 22 Jump Street

Web Weekly Summary

This week started off with live listen in to the radio shows everyone worked so hard on the last two weeks. I was very impressed by the variety of shows people had created and that each show was so difficult. I was proud of how my groups show went (even if listening again I found things I wanted to change) and really enjoyed running our radio show’s twitter account leading up to and during the radio show.  In my Radio Show Listen I had ideas about a few of the shows that went on air  Monday and Tuesday.

Now the main assignment this week was the web assignment. This assignment was a lot of fun but there were plenty of ways it could go wrong not surprisingly I experienced a few! But I also got to learn some cool stuff and mess around and it did not feel like an assignment. But here are some more detailed thoughts on writing the web.

Dail Creates:

This week in daily creates we had to create a narrative with the daily creates we made. (I’m glad I noticed that before I started making daily creates so that I could keep it in mind as I worked.)

Can you guess the story before going to the dedicated page?


Radio Show Listen – I mentioned this one earlier but wanted to formally include it here as well.

Agent Resume– I made a fun resume for my agent including her fake headshot and prior experience. I also hosted it on it’s own page on my site! (3 1/2 stars)

HOW IT BEGAN– The next assignment I took on was creating a page dedicated to how a group was started. I decided to use my radio group as inspiration! (Because I super enjoyed our project and it would also stay in character and in theme!) So I wrote about the shows humble beginnings and all the people involved in it.

And! The showcase of the 3 projects I thought were amazing! DS106 Showcase



Redecoration time 

Pickachu Get’s a resume

A new buzzfeed quiz to take


A weekly summary featuring radio

This week started the famous or infamous radio show week. Which I had been warned by previous DS 106ers was an important set of weeks. The unanimous comment was “make sure you get a good group” in which case they all agreed it was a great time. Admittedly I had yet to finish last weeks weekly update when we got the radio show update, but I immediately stopped what I was doing to see what the next two weeks were going to be like.  I then tried to find other similar interest people and through Twitter and deadline was able to get a great group who have been super helpful so far. (Fear relieved.) This week was also very audio heavy as a lead up to working on our radio show which was good practice. It was also lots of time spent in the group google doc hashing out ideas and concepts. I created a poster that I really like for our air show Agents on Air once we settled on a name. I also played around with audio to keep up on those skills for the upcoming week.

Daily Creates-

The Below is not actually a Daily Create but proof for my comment in my daily create.


10 Stars of Audio this week!

Extraction Commercial (3 1/2 stars)- I made a commercial about providing burned agents with escapes

Facebook Conversations (2 stars)- I did an audio on a conversation thread about my first day of work as an intern

Dramatic Song Reading (4 1/2 stars)- I did a dramatic reading of ZZ Ward’s Put the Gun Down!

Agents on Air Poster– I made a minimalist poster for our radio group as a part of the design section of this week. I really like how this one came out it might be a new favorite maybe.

Radio Show week 1 summary A summary of all the decisions and processes of the Agents on Air radio show group



Fake Door Ad

Agent TW promo poster

Spies critiquing spies?

Free Sound suggestions

To be or not to bee

Stuck in my head


Design Week

Design week was a little hectic. Mostly I should correct my other classes and responsibilities were rather hectic and that made this week crazy. That withstanding though design week was a fun one, it made me think more critically about the way that image editing week and design are separate but interconnected at the same time. I had the hardest time with the design blitz this week but I overcame it and think I came up with the upper hand. Personally my favorite assignment for this week might be the Destination Postcard? But that is a hard call to make.

Daily Creates ft. the suffering of my computer-


So some background on this daily create. Thursday I realized whoops I needed to make sure to do that day and Friday’s daily creates to make sure I got all 3 in for the week. Instead of doing it right then I of course said I’ll do it late. A tragic mistake you see, because I remembered it at 11:50 and panicked. I had already read the create earlier in the day and had planned out what I was going to do I just had to do it, so I raced to my computer to compile it together. As always happens when you have a crunch time my computer refused to load webpages first then wouldn’t let me download image or open the image editor. So I’ll admit it I did something bad I started hitting all the computer keys and shaking the laptop out of frustration. Joke was on me though because some how in the process of doing that I accidently pulled an image from my computer and it is stuck in a weird limbo on my screen and I can’t remove it our click it it’s just chilling. Long story short I need to do my daily creates earlier and don’t shake your computer. Proof of my weird apperition.



My attempt at a perfect circle featuring some of my class notes. So featuring fairies and poltergeists. It also resulted in telling the sad tale of how my 2nd grade teacher made me throw out a perfect circle. Or what second grade me thought was a perfect circle. Traumatic times.


10 Stars this week!

Started things off with 4 Icon Story (3 1/2 stars) featuring some very cool icons from the Noun Project. Hint for the answer to what the story is, I referenced the spy in another one of the parts of the class this week.

Next I took on the Word Cloud (3 stars) assignment. I created a word cloud based on everything I have written about my character so far in this class!

Next I did Agent Fawn’s license plate (3 1/2 stars). I tried to imagine what kind of vanity plate my agent would get. (Even if she wouldn’t really get one.)

After the star count we also had the pick one of these 3 thing. I picked the destination post card! I made a snazzy postcard for Beijing using a photograph I took myself.

Next was the Design Blitz, this one I struggled with a bit but ulitmately it was cool. (Plus I got to show off designs I think are awesome, you might see a trend.)

Also throwing it to Design thoughts I looked at both the Vignelli Cannon and show Abstract: Art of the Design to really help round out my thoughts on the designs.



I’m going to call this week a failure in commenting terms because they were more last minute than usual, as was the blogging. Room for improvement for the next two weeks!

Hannah made a cool business card

An interesting take on Design Blitz

Thomas the Tank Engine saves the day

The importance of font choice

Bumper sticker

Secret Agent post card

Goal for next week-

This week I am deciding to set a goal for up coming weeks. I have a very bad habit of doing assignments and forgetting to blog about them for several days. Or I write the blog and then just forget to publish it. I am going to try to get better at actually publishing them when I finish and staying ahead.

Sounds Week

Audio week as was forewarned was a fair amount of work. Fun work mind you but plenty of work too. I think my most proud part of the week was my fake commercial for underwater living, mostly because I had the most fun making it. However the over all coolest part of this whole week was the live tweeting of Limetown with the class. I really enjoyed getting to hear from everyone all at once and interact plus Limetown was just crazy good on its own too.

Daily Creates-

Assignments and Stars-

Sound Effect story– all sound effects to create a cool story. 3 stars

Moon Graffiti & Storytelling

Broadcasting Ideas

Voicemail? I created a voicemail for a character, it was a lot of work.  3 stars

DS106 Radio

DS106 Radio Bumper

Free Sounds Breathe – 3 stars

Aqualife Ad– 3 1/2 stars



Agent Slota’s 911 broadcast post

A video game sound story.

A very cool ringtone mix

Speed Dating with Jennifer Anniston

Morality in Limetown

Juicy Facebook Convo

This week because of DS106 Radio I did a lot more twitter commenting and communication each night. I also helped out Hannah get it so that her blog would accept comments because it had not been before.


Photo week recap

Week 4 GO!


Daily Creates:

Assignment time:

The Desk of Agent Fawn a fun assignment where I pictured what my agents desk would look like through the one shot assignment.

Present Past? I took on putting a modern version of a old building back into the past. 3 trials later I had success.

Photo Reflection looking at how I have previously understood and used photography.

Love at the Cat took the one shot assignment and incorporated a cat into it.

The *Red* Photography post I analyzed a still from the Hunt for Red October using the photography elements we learned in the readings.

What’s in A Shadow? a post on shadow photography

Photoblitz all the photos


Someone made a cool stencil flower with a new tool I had never seen before.

A interesting photo analysis of Secret Agent Man.

I enjoyed Maria’s Tinder One Shot take.

Thats a real cute dog there.

I learned a new secret agent quote from “Who Said What?”

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