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Writing Week

This week was the writing week where we got to create our characters that we will be using throughout the semester.


Daily Creates

I was a little slow on the Daily Creates this week and went down to the wire completing the last one today. But they are always an adventure.

Writing Assignments

I also got to create my character Agent Fawn. I had a lot of fun creating the character dossier thought I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how I wanted my character to be or who they would be.

Another exciting part of exploring my character was completing the assignment Examining the spy. Admittedly I wrote the assignment so it was my obvious choice from the list of suggestions because I really wanted to complete it. I found my character came out of the idea of real life spies more than fictional spies after carefully examining her.

We also had to watch a bunch of video this week which was great but I might have underestimated how long movies are.

I did a blog post on the many tv shows and films in the secret agent genre, complicatedly titled The Hunt for Spy Kids Avengers.

I also took on the shape of storytelling assignment with Shape that Story post. Where I complicate how Vonnegut’s theory works within the story I analyzed.


Now its time to talk about my 8 STARS. Looking through all the assignments I found it interesting how so many assignments are either 4 or 2 stars in general. (I spent a lot of time trying to decide which ones to take on this week.)

2 stars- The first one I tried my hand at was writing the ending to a wrong choice on a choose your own adventure story. I loved the creativity in all these assignments but was hyped for this one in particular. I wrote my Bad Choice ending and man was it a bad choice.

4 1/2 stars- The next take on was creating the inner monologue of a tool. The assignment suggested trying to keep it vague enough to make you guess about the tool and I tried that approach.

2 stars- To round up to the 8th star I completed the Recipe Haiku challenge. I went with a simple recipe but a standard I eat when I am home.


I love looking at other people’s work but I am still getting the hang of commenting and being constructive.

I enjoyed this particular post on commonalities in the spy genre because it approached it in a different way and commented about that.

I also commented on Spies Need Nostalgia too

I also commented on a poem parody as well.

Also about Spy Kids as a spy movie choice.

Weekly summary 2

This week was my very first for plenty of DS 106 assignments. It was also my first set of daily creates! I started it up with some dog propaganda, learned how to print a youtube video (honestly had to google what that was), and made a fun book mashup. So far really digging the daily creates below are the three I did this week.

This daily create was proof you never know when that random book you picked up at a book sale can come in handy.

The first assignment I tackled from the assignment bank was making a character connection map on Kumu. I created a James Bond character map which was a fun introduction into Kumu and how much of a story you can explore just through characters alone.

Next I decided to chose an assignment the GIF section. I created a cute animal GIF of my dog freaking out about balloons.

For the final assignment bank selection I went to image editing. I created a Helvetica vintage image for it.


I also started commenting on sites this week.

I commented on Agent Maria’s post about her awesome Spy Buzzfeed quiz (which gave a new spy movie I need to go watch).

I also commented on Agent Slota’s post about Akismet.

I also interacted a bit on twitter this week but I’m hoping to greatly increase the participation for next week.


A good week all in all excited to start the mission of next week already.

Weekly Summary


To start of the introduction to DS 106 in “bootcamp” the week started with an introduction of ourselves to the class using different media outlets that we will be using throughout the course. I already had some familiarity with most of these sites but it took me awhile to decide exactly what to post to really represent myself.

Mission 106 Thoughts

I am super excited to explore the spy theme for this class. The spy mission theme has a lot of different avenues and ideas for exploration and it sounds like a incredibly interesting story to be a part of. Reading more about the overall genre it will be interesting to consider the different types of spy narratives and how the different types could impact the way people perceive the spy genre overall.

Show Your Work

I really enjoyed looking at the show your work article and thinking about the steps to be successful in this course. Many of my friends have taken DS 106 previously and they all have harped on the importance of being active and working hard and this article only reinforced those notions. It was also a reminder to keep working and refer to those points when I over stress myself. I will definitely look back towards it as I try to remember the importance of progress and creativity.

The first week has been an interesting start but I am excited to get started into the real bulk of what we will be doing the rest of the semester!

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