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Haiku for You

Took on a Haiku Recipe assignment worth 2 stars. I felt pretty good about this one because I decided to go very simple but stick to the shortness and syllabus of an actual traditional Haiku. I chose the first comfort food I could think of that would also lend itself to a short recipe. So naturally a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich. I also looked through other peoples examples to make sure I was not just going off of what other people had already done.

Here is my recipe:

Place bread on table

Spread jam and peanut butter

Put together, eat

Monologue Tool

This time I took on the Monologue of a Household Tool assignment which is worth 4 1/2 stars. I tried to make it ambiguous so you have to guess what household object I am describing.


An average day starts at the start of everyday for me. Every morning I brighten up when people tell me to. I am very busy every moment of everyday.  My job is incredibly important after all and if I fail I am likely to be thrown away like my predecessor. While my main job keeps me rather busy I still have time to be flexible and offer other wonderful skills for people to enjoy. I have both a business side and a fun side and it is easy to flip from one to another, riding through the entertainment at my finger tip. I mean if I had finger tips in the literal sense rather through my wires. Wires run through my body and I control everything that I touch. I can broadcast my voice out to the world or stay silent for hours on end. I keep those who use me on track and I could ruin any day at any moment with a glance.

I have many uses you see, and I display them bright and easy to see. Unless of course it is late at night in which case I can dim my light. Clearly I am very important, essential, pivotal even. I am on your mind all the time and have my uses all day long. When you wake you look towards me for guidance. When you go to bed you look towards me once more. I am the most important part of each and every moment of your day. Call it an overstatement but I disagree I am essential to your daily life. How could you get along without me?

That was a Bad Choice

My take on the Your Adventure Is Over two star assignment, with an example of the wrong choice for a choose your own adventure book.

You tuck yourself under the antique desk in the corner of the room trying to make yourself as small as possible. But it does not work out quiet as you planned.

Okay. Maybe hiding under that desk and desperately hoping no one would notice your shoes peaking out was not the best choice on your part. Especially since the desk is the only possible hiding spot in  the whole room. Running or fighting perhaps were better alternatives though there is no way to know now. Turns out  the men pursuing you are smarter than you gambled. You really are not a good gambler are you? Or were you I should say.

Now you have officially been caught . Trapped. Caught. Chopped. Carried off. I would tell you to choose more wisely but you already made your choice. Plus you only have one life.

The End


For this assignment I decided to take on the create a bad ending to a choose your own adventure story. I actually had created a choose your own adventure video game as a final project with a classmate for another class. It was a fantasy themed game called J&S but I thought it was very fun to write endings so I was very excited for this assignment. I decided to make this death based on  failure to hide because so many adventure games

Explaining My Spy

When I created my character I wanted to play into the trope of semi-normal people falling into or being coerced into spy role. With those kinds of characters I have noticed they always seem to fall into two categories the completely goofily under qualified new spy or the somehow has all the right qualities coincidently spy. For instance I remembered watching the television show Chuck with my brother and in the early seasons wondering how he was even still alive. In creating my character I wanted a balance between the totally unprepared and the ridiculously over prepared. To accomplish that I decided making them an employee of the CIA qualified that they already had the brains and research end. However as a information person she has none of the traditional combat skills that tend to appear throughout the spy genre.

I also wanted to find a balance between  the genre’s of the martini spy and the stale beer spy. She’s no James Bond dashing off on private planes or to expensive galas, instead she would fly economy. However the stale beer spy tend to be very gritty and not as approachable, I liked the idea of trying to find a balance between these two types. To do that I thought a good start was to create her character around intelligence rather then strength or connections. I also shied away from an overly boisterous personality. I personally really enjoyed reading about real life examples of spies who blend in and carry information and the was a big influence in their examples, for instance Virginia Hall or Vera Laska.

Using real historic spies as a base for the character to me made her more interesting because it plays with the idea of the modern spy living among us. I remember visiting the spy museum as a child and listening to them explain how spies were not just on television but very real and hidden all around us. I always thought that was a very vexing idea. Real life spies can be more interesting than the overly dramatic or overly goofy spies I saw on television. That logic really propelled me to created my character the way I did.