The Sound Effects assignment worth 3 stars said to find a sound lacking on Free Sound. Now in my previous post where I created the Sound Story project I mentioned how I was looking for breathing sounds and they all sounded too deep for what I was trying to do. So I figured this assignment was a perfect opportunity to fix that issue.

As I later realized when I tried to start it though breathing into a microphone was not that easy. Which sounds silly right? Wrong. I ended up recording with a headset because I got onto it a little late and all the HCC microphones where out or broken. (Even the vocal booth mic was checked out which sucked cause I booked that room out but a faculty member had the mic and they can rent it for days on end.) So it took quite a few tries to get some kind of sound at all that was not just static background noise. On a related note I tried to reduce background noise in Audacity but forgot to hold my breath the first few times so my breathing got labeled background. Finally I got it going. I was not 100 % thrilled with the results but I believe they were the best I could get at.

When I went to embed my sound from Free Sound I found it would not do it properly in WordPress. So I also uploaded it to Sound Cloud. Here is the original Free Sound upload and then the Sound Cloud below so it is easy to listen in post.