Greetings. My “name” is Fawn, or I should say my code name is Fawn however I find codenames mostly superfluous. I understand keeping ones identity a secret to protect against constant threat, however I also believe anyone with anything to loose should not consider a career in espionage.

I would not categorize myself as a spy though much of what I do is considered espionage. I began my career as a clerical desk worker and personally prefer the paper work to dangerous situations. I worked at a nice desk job filing and organizing information for the Central Intelligence Agency at one of their Virginia operation sites (It is prudent not to specify which one).  I started off as a disposable worker but making oneself essential assures you make it out alive. Thanks to an impeccable  memory and the chance interactions with some important documents I made myself essential but also in the process inadvertently into an intelligence operative. (Again I do not think spy is the right word I always picture gun fights when I think of other spies and I have no interest in guns.) My role in espionage is reminiscent of the old idea of a spy as an information carrier and obtainer thanks to my general ability to avoid attention by being the least interesting person in a room.

Being mundane is efficient I always say. Living basic and paying attention to both important and seemingly unimportant data and moments is essential to performing at peak efficiency. I also believe in simplicity in living to focus on important points. I enjoy simple in all aspects of life such as oatmeal and water for consumption and navy blue for colors. Literature is one of the few places I enjoy complexity and my favorite arguable work is Crime and Punishment. I do not consume media for enjoyment but instead for analyzing and have little interest in film. My life is governed by my work, and I do little outside work other than knitting.

Not everything is safe on paper or online and my brain is my strongest asset.


Agent Profile:

Name: Lillian O’Dell

Code Name: Fawn

Occupation: Intelligence Operative

Birth: 4/12/1989, America

Physical Description: Petite, brown wavy hair that is shoulder length, and hazel eyes. She has no key discerning features.

Marital Status: Single

Bio: O’Dell started at a clerical job at the Central Intelligence Agency for a number of years, after gaining access to certain key strategic documents her job assignment changed to fit with her new found expertise. She now works with securing and transferring important information for the agency both at home and abroad. Her ability to blend in and remarkable memory skills make her an asset.