So as part of the assignments for this week we have to create a bumper sticker, logo, or postcard for our group’s radio show. I decided to create a poster for our group featuring our new show’s name Agents on Air. The word air of course lends itself to different play on words. Since agents travel a lot usually and this is a radio show on radio “air waves” (can you still call it that if it’s online radio? I’m going to go with yes). I wanted something that mixed the two together in a fun way.

I used canva for this project. Now usually I tend to favor photoshop for design purposes but I thought I should mix it up now and then to avoid having too much similarity between works. So I created this poster using different free icons they had available. I went with a deep red color as the dominant color because it reminded me of things in the secret agent world like blood, red tape, red herrings. (Okay the last one was a bit of a stretch.) I stuck with a minimalist design and limited written content to let the images speak for it. I find in posters sometime minimalism is more effective. Lots of written text can get overwhelming or boring for me personally. I like how it turned out but again that is because it is very much my style.