I have many thoughts about designs now that I have read the Vignelli Cannon and watching Abstract: Art of the Design. I had some ideas and opinions about design before this week of course but these two sources helped me think critically about design.

Right of in the Vignelli Cannon I realized design is not just on paper. Conceptually I knew that but I had never applied design elsewhere so that was step one for me. A lot of what I took out from this article was understanding intention and the importance of creators as conscious of this. Also “visual pollution” is an idea that makes sense but sometime we do not see it. Every day we are constantly consuming designs that someone created not all of them are quality and plenty of them would fall into that pollution category. The importance of spending time considering the designs intention, investigating it from all angles was also something that drew me in.

For the Abstract series I’m going to start off with I really liked watching these, and have recommended them. Now I know I say stuff like that a fair amount in this class but I swear it is genuine each time I say it. (I mean who doesn’t want to get insight into how people do these amazing design things.)

Paula Scher’s episode was the first episode that I took a look at, I read the quick parts for each and decided this would be a fun start. She started out with a line I loved “typography is painting with words.” Also just start with wow I had actually seen so much of her work before but just never known it.  (I literally have a shirt with the Cheaptrick topography that she designed.) She talked a lot about the way that she found disruption to be a part of a process of getting good work done. Movement and group work helps ideas flow. It reminded me about this class actually. The idea that when we work with each other and ask each other for opinions or inputs we have the ability to make our work better. Having communication, multitude of ideas tends to give so much more to a project than you can do on your own.

I saw a connection between the Vignelli Cannon and Scher’s work she was talking about complex text that does not require any explanation. In the Vignelli Cannon he states “We love complexities but hate complications.” That resonated with me just how Scher described text as being so complicated yet also being something we inherently understand. Scher also talked about creating identity through typography and understanding how the identity shapes our idea of design.

Scher also spoke on being in a state of play which I think also goes along with this class. Creativity is play in a way and you have to have fun with something to give it that extra something that it needs.

Ilse Crawford’s design style was the second episode I looked at to compare. Crawford’s designs had a very sensory aspect to them and finding job from those objects. Both artists are unique in their fields of design. (Though I suppose you have to be to get an episode.) Watching this episode made me think about the design in the buildings on campus and the design choices made there because there are similarities across those buildings. Crawford’s design approach was much more about translating design into a language to say what people want to convey. Both artist had this similarity of communication in ways they do not always consciously think of but that they can feel when they view typography or walk through a space.

Something that stuck out to me about both designers was the ways that there is so many small pieces and choices inside every step of every portion of a product. If you do not think about those choices and skip over you just miss so much and it lacks substance. Those choices are incredibly important and a designer must always consider them. That was the point that I really tried to take from these episodes trying to think a lot more critically about what I do when I create things and how I interact with designs.