Today Agents Katey and Amari and I got together to film the bulk of our video project. We met in the Hurley Convergence Center and went to the media production studio to record ourselves. When setting up the space we decided to go with a low back lights to obscure our faces from the camera. Spies after all want to avoid exposure. We went through and used a teleprompter to work off the script we had co-written. After going through it though I realized the audio was not high enough to hear us! So we went back and rerecorded the introduction and wrap up sections. We also recorded transitions between each of our segments with each of us solo on screen. Katey went first then I recorded mine. Next I had Katey record all of the audio for her project so we could layer it on top of her images she would use for her demonstration portion. She then sent me her images so I could start stitching everything together with the footage we filmed today. Amari then filmed two part’s for two of her segments. We ran it through till we got it right and then could upload everything we filmed to a shared google drive section.

Everyone was going to check out to find potential background music or sound effects for our segments to really pop. We also all agreed on a format for our credits and filmed a portion to use with those credits. Agent Amari also offered to come up with ideas on how to set up an intro for our show that she would work on during the week. I also offered to work on the video we filmed today to get the rough cut going!

So far we have the majority of the filming done. What has not been filmed are two of the sections where we will be using pieces of paper moved onto screen to tell our story visually. We also have to edit it together and work with the audio as well. However so far we are on a good roll.