Hello! My name is Callie Liberty (technically Catherine). I am a senior at UMW a history major and a digital studies minor. I also work on campus as a tutor at the Digital Knowledge Center.

In terms of an introduction to me I like knitting, history, reading, and learning. While those potentially all sound like class oriented enjoyments they are all completely true and do I love to learn. I get super excited when I learn something new and have to show or repeat it to everyone. I also really love axolotl’s, which is a fun segway into my Flickr contribution. This is a picture I took of my pet axolotl Verdell. I included one I took today and one I posted to Flickr ages ago when he was much smaller. (Axolotl’s are fully aquatic salamanders that are both creepy and cute.)



My first tweet in the pursuit of this class is not particularly exciting but it is a start!

Another thing about me is like many people I really enjoy dogs despite the fact that I am very allergic to them. So I made a quick video of most of the short pet videos I filmed over winter break. I have also made other videos for previous courses.

I also made my first attempt at a sound cloud ever. A basic start like with my first tweet for this course but I am excited to create more interesting media as I go along.