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Mission within a Mission

So part of this week we are supposed to come up with an idea about a mission the whole class could potentially take on together. I think it could be interesting if maybe we split the spies up into groups all taking on the same mission all competing. Now I do not necessarily mean it has to become like a group project or anything but maybe team oriented so that different sides could be trying to accomplish the same goal but for different reasons.

So potentially we could have something like two rival sides of the DS106 headquarters have broken apart because of creative differences on how the DS106 mission should be accomplished. The class would be broken into sides (maybe based on which types of assignments they liked most? like video, audio, or design potentially) and the goal would be for each side to try and build out ways to accomplish regaining control of the DS106 Headquarters. Maybe this could take a capture the flag kind of approach trying to win the DS106 Headquarters.  It could also be a series of challenges. Like step one how to break into the Headquarters and the assignment would be to create a video, or audio, or diagram of how to best break into the Headquarters. Then the next step might be how to get past the opposing DS106ers again with a series of potential assignments. And so on till we reached some sort of final task to best reach holding the title of DS106 Headquarters.

I could also see it as potentially having the whole class be on one side and having everyone defending DS106 Headquarters from some unknown threat. It could take the same form as the other mission idea with group tasks. It could also be more defined  into categories having an assignment based on each of the types of projects we have used so far in this course.

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  1. Paul

    Interesting. It could be ds106 intramurals. Maybe we could use the agent list (http://blog.raptnrent.me/2017/02/14/top-secret-for-your-eyes-only/) as a scouting report on the competition.

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