This time I took on the Monologue of a Household Tool assignment which is worth 4 1/2 stars. I tried to make it ambiguous so you have to guess what household object I am describing.


An average day starts at the start of everyday for me. Every morning I brighten up when people tell me to. I am very busy every moment of everyday.  My job is incredibly important after all and if I fail I am likely to be thrown away like my predecessor. While my main job keeps me rather busy I still have time to be flexible and offer other wonderful skills for people to enjoy. I have both a business side and a fun side and it is easy to flip from one to another, riding through the entertainment at my finger tip. I mean if I had finger tips in the literal sense rather through my wires. Wires run through my body and I control everything that I touch. I can broadcast my voice out to the world or stay silent for hours on end. I keep those who use me on track and I could ruin any day at any moment with a glance.

I have many uses you see, and I display them bright and easy to see. Unless of course it is late at night in which case I can dim my light. Clearly I am very important, essential, pivotal even. I am on your mind all the time and have my uses all day long. When you wake you look towards me for guidance. When you go to bed you look towards me once more. I am the most important part of each and every moment of your day. Call it an overstatement but I disagree I am essential to your daily life. How could you get along without me?