I do not actually take many pictures in terms of going out and trying to look for something to take pictures of or using a nice camera. Instead I tend to take pictures on my phone, usually for my own enjoyment. Usually just for my purposes too, because I enjoy looking at something or I think it is good. I tend to not focus a lot on setting the photo up unless I have an idea in mind. If I do I try to think about techniques in art to set up a scene since I do not know a lot of photography terms.

When I do try to capture a particular feeling usually when I look at it I get that feeling and understand what I meant. However it is not always clear to other people I have found out. In order to take better photos I think I will try to consider lighting and composition.

When I read the photography and narrative article I was very interested. While I understand how narrative is inherent in photography I do not always think about that deeply  when I look at photos. Or perhaps I do not think about it consciously but make assumptions without realizing the story I am being told, or that I am telling with my own photography.

After reading about ways to try to become a better photographer I am going to keep them especially in mind as I go to take photos for the rest of this course. I also think I need to spend more time practicing taking photos and evaluating them. Currently I only have a phone camera, however I know that we can rent cameras from the HCC so I might try that to practice with a better lens but also to understand how that changes the process.