The photoblitz was a really cool concept that I was nervous to try. I generated several random combinations till I got this list below and went with it.

  • Make a photo that emphasises one color much more than any others in the shot
  • A pair of photos which show some same of symmetry between different objects
  • Make a photograph of a plastic object.
  • Take a photo using a camera setting that you are unfamiliar with.
  • A perfect line. Make a photo of interesting vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines.
  • Take a picture of construction.
  • Features a repeating pattern.

First the start

start time

Rather boring but I got the time in. The first one I took on was the repetitive pattern. I took a close shot so that the pattern took up the entire image. (Can you guess what it is?)

repeating pattern

Next I started the one dominate color picture. I found this bright red set of thumb tacks and contrasted them against the table. I also like how I changed the angle of the picture to create more depth.

one strong color

My next step was the plastic picture. I used these tiny 3D printed hands that fell off of a robot. It also turned out to be one strong color against a bright background because I really liked how the other worked.

made from plastic

On my way to figure out where there were strong vertical and horizontal lines nearby I happened to look down. Where I realized the carpet was the perfect combination.


So the next set on the list was to use a feature you are unfamilar with on your camera. Unfortunately though I was using my phone so I knew all the sets so I instead inturpreted it to be a setting you do not use. So I took a picture though a filter. I’m not a big fan of strong filters so I tried to take an interesting angle to compensate for that.

unfamilar camera setting

Next were the parallel pictures. I saw a stack of filament rolls and it made me think of book stacks so I set up a desk in the convergence center with the filament and a desk in the library with books so compare in symmetry. I also thought it was a cool idea to show difference and similarity in study spaces.

symmetry in objects 1

symmetry in objects 2

Finally as time was running out I was trying to figure out where I could get a construction photo. I only had a few minutes in the challenge left when I ran into Dr. Whalen as he was setting some objects into the future site of an exhibit of a 90s living room. The very beginning stages of construction then in the sense of assembling rather than industrial. So here is the very start of the construction, a pink filing cabinet with the words “not trash” on top.

In construction

I had to race back to my backpack and pull out my computer to get the time stamp for completed in time. Except right as I snapped the picture it turned to 1 minute past. But here is the proof of effort.

end time

This was a cool assignment, it meant throwing yourself into mode and thinking about the world around you in a different perspective. Paying attention more to lighting, shadows, colors, and patterns in a way I had not been doing on a conscious level. It was also more difficult than I expected. I had to do a fair amount of wandering around to find the right look to match the topic. Which I suppose is the whole point of the exercise.