While flipping through the visual assignments I came across the Architecture/Landscape Then and Now assignment. I though it sounded pretty cool then I saw no one had ever really done it, so I decided I needed to fix that because the assignment is a cool one.

At first I thought about going a little too literally how the assignment is proposed and doing a then and now of UMW like in the example but I decided that I needed to branch it out. So I went to Flickr Commons and stuck in the word buildings and started pursuing the options. I went into it not having a particular building in mind but wanting to find something very cool architecture. I found this image of a building that is a part of  Trinity College in Dublin. I thought it was a cool angle and a nice building so why not try it out.

Trinity College Dublin, late 19th century

Now originally the assignment said to put an old building on top of a new one to show change over time. I decided to do it backwards. Put the modern photograph into the older one cause I liked the city movement and people in this photo and felt it could create a good contrast.  I searched around and found a photo from the present of the front facade of the college. Or I should say I thought I found it. The photo was from a slightly different angle so I had to edit it to align better with the angle of the older photo. However the more I started to align the two photos the more confused I got because I had an extra pillar in the new photo that did not have a matching counterpart on the old one. After seriously looking at the two I realized the problem my new picture was of a totally different building. It was a building that belong to Trinity College but not the same one as in my original photograph. So I had to start all over but hey here is what my wrong version looked liked.


its the wrong building

So whoops there then I finally found the actual right front of it and I was moving ahead again. Again I brought the new image into photoshop and started playing around with setting up the shot to lay perfectly or as perfect as I could get it into the frame.

So this was my final product. It took a lot of editing and distorting I got it close to what I thought could work properly. I liked it but I felt like because it was just the building it was not as striking as I wanted. So…



I decided to start all over again. (Not sure why I tortured myself so much, probably trying to be a perfectionist.) This picture offered more of a color difference however it was harder to get the perspective just right. Basically this project taught me to consider perspective more critically when making choices, since trying to replicate it was rather difficult.