So I tried out the Dramatic Song Reading Remix for 4 1/2 stars. I decided to read out the song put the gun down by ZZ Ward. So there were a couple of reasons I decided to use this song. One was that the song lends itself to being dramatically read because it’s talking about a woman who has been cheating with the singers man holding a gun up to the singer. So the whole basics is about trying to convince her to put her gun down and steal anything other than the man. Plus while ZZ Ward is becoming a better known artist (shes one of my favorites I have seen her live 5 times) she is not so big that I figured I could still do the spoken version and hopefully it will stay up on sound cloud without a problem.

I ran through reading the song several times to practice and decide where would be best to sound certain ways. Originally I thought about only recording repeating verses one time and just copying them and using them again. However when I went through and listened to it this way it just felt kinda stale. So I went through and did the whole thing so that none of the clips were repeated and I really like the way that turned out much better.

Now the second part of this assignment was to add instrumental audio to it that has a different context. I thought about going all out classical and shaking things up but it sounded way to jarring. Since ZZ Ward’s original sound has a grittier aspect to it, particular her earlier work such as this song, I decided to try and find something that sorta matched a sound I liked but that was more opposite of her sound. I went to Free Music Archive and looked up instrumental pieces. The first most recent uploads were all hip hop and had beats that reminded me of some of her sounds so I decided it was too similar. Instead at the very bottom of the page was a song by Kathleen Martin called I Disown You it had a sound I liked and a CC license so I decided to go with it! It also had a good pace that I liked for the reading match up.

I played around with the levels to try and get it so the music was heard and a part but not over controlling. I think I got a nice balance in the end though I might not have been dramatic enough but I tried!