Radio Week for me started with the frantic trying to find a group and more specifically a group with like minded ideas and work ethic. I knew that was important so I posted I was looking for a group right away. In my way to try and help people understand what I had ideas on in a quick way I created a goofy little piece of paper with my ideas stuck to it so people could see quickly if they thought we had similar ideas or would work well.


Then I waited and got a great response from Amari who was interested in forming a group! After creating a google doc we both took to twitter to recruit more members. I updated my goofy picture accordingly to represent both of our ideas.

That’s how we found Heather! And shortly after Katey joined the team. Our group fully formed we used the google doc to hash  out ideas on concepts and give feedback on what we think could be done and what would need special thought put in. We also invited professor Bond to get his feedback on where our ideas were going. We so far have a pretty good concept going mixing a secret agent mission among our characters and referencing the rest of the classes characters throughout the show.

We also had to make sure we had enough bumpers and commercials. I offered the two I had already made but suggested we make as many as people wanted to because then we could be selective and pick the best for our show. We also signed up to make sure we had enough bumpers and a logo. This week went by pretty fast and quicker than I expected but we kept each other updated through the google doc and twitter direct messages to make sure everyone was on board before any final decisions were made since it is a group project.

We still have a fair amount of work ahead in terms of coming together and meeting up potentially to record audio or deciding if it can be done effectively apart. Figuring out the details of the script is also coming while brainstorming on the google doc will happen over the break to get a head start. The goal will be to get a head start on recording as early as we can so that we have lots of time to make edits and make sure everything sounds alright before the next due date.

So far week one of radio show prep was busy and lots of decision making that is only going to get into more detail next week of class.