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Sound Effect Story

Sound Effect Story this 3 1/2 star assignment was our mandatory one for the set of assignments for the week. Honestly though that was cool with me because it was pretty awesome. I decided to make mine within the secret agent theme and along with my character.

I decided to play into strong tropes of running and stealing things, you know classic spy concepts. So for my story I used Audacity and 7 different sounds from Free Sound. I layered the breathing sounds with the paper sounds because I felt like the paper alone sounded to unrealistic and removed.

I am happy with how it turned out but when I was searching for breathing sounds I found most of them were for men not women which with breathing sounds like a silly distinction. However there would have been too much of a shift in vocal ranges from the breathing to the gasp so I had to really hunt for some clear ones.


  1. Paul

    I’d never really thought of how breathing could sound gendered, but that is some good attention to detail. If the sound is a little off, it can ruin the illusion of the scene.

    • admin

      I never really put much thought into it either but I found that most of the breathing sounds were deep in octave and playing around with them I just could not get something in the right range that sounded like it could match up with the other sounds my character was supposed to be making.

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