My take on the Your Adventure Is Over two star assignment, with an example of the wrong choice for a choose your own adventure book.

You tuck yourself under the antique desk in the corner of the room trying to make yourself as small as possible. But it does not work out quiet as you planned.

Okay. Maybe hiding under that desk and desperately hoping no one would notice your shoes peaking out was not the best choice on your part. Especially since the desk is the only possible hiding spot in  the whole room. Running or fighting perhaps were better alternatives though there is no way to know now. Turns out  the men pursuing you are smarter than you gambled. You really are not a good gambler are you? Or were you I should say.

Now you have officially been caught . Trapped. Caught. Chopped. Carried off. I would tell you to choose more wisely but you already made your choice. Plus you only have one life.

The End


For this assignment I decided to take on the create a bad ending to a choose your own adventure story. I actually had created a choose your own adventure video game as a final project with a classmate for another class. It was a fantasy themed game called J&S but I thought it was very fun to write endings so I was very excited for this assignment. I decided to make this death based on  failure to hide because so many adventure games