Coming up to DS 106 soon is the new video show Your Guide to being a Spy. Since the show will include a portion done with moving cut outs I decided to incorporate cut outs in stop motion for the trailer.  I hand wrote out each word I was going to use and then photographed them on screen. I had my friend Meredith (previous DS106 alumni) hold a strong light over the white table I was using as a backdrop. At the time I thought it was getting consistent lighting but when I went back in to edit the pictures into the video I found that there were some discrepancies but that it still turned out rather well. I put all the frames into imovie to put the whole thing together. What I forgot about photos in imovie was that it automatically uses the ken burns effect to move through them, which was not what I wanted. However if I just kept the images as they were it would have some extra spacing I did not want. So as a solution I just cropped each image slightly to make it all fit together better and moved the frame of the shot to make the video flow. Next I had to figure out timing how long each word should be on screen to be able to be read but not get boring. I worked around with the timing and then had several people watch it to see what should be adjusted to make it better to read and enjoyable.

After that I uploaded it to youtube and here it is!


It was cool to make the trailer for the show. Since we haven’t filmed the actual show yet I tried to keep it vague but interesting to accommodate for any changes we might make in the process of filming. Working with stop motion was also fun but a challenge.