This week started the famous or infamous radio show week. Which I had been warned by previous DS 106ers was an important set of weeks. The unanimous comment was “make sure you get a good group” in which case they all agreed it was a great time. Admittedly I had yet to finish last weeks weekly update when we got the radio show update, but I immediately stopped what I was doing to see what the next two weeks were going to be like.  I then tried to find other similar interest people and through Twitter and deadline was able to get a great group who have been super helpful so far. (Fear relieved.) This week was also very audio heavy as a lead up to working on our radio show which was good practice. It was also lots of time spent in the group google doc hashing out ideas and concepts. I created a poster that I really like for our air show Agents on Air once we settled on a name. I also played around with audio to keep up on those skills for the upcoming week.

Daily Creates-

The Below is not actually a Daily Create but proof for my comment in my daily create.


10 Stars of Audio this week!

Extraction Commercial (3 1/2 stars)- I made a commercial about providing burned agents with escapes

Facebook Conversations (2 stars)- I did an audio on a conversation thread about my first day of work as an intern

Dramatic Song Reading (4 1/2 stars)- I did a dramatic reading of ZZ Ward’s Put the Gun Down!

Agents on Air Poster– I made a minimalist poster for our radio group as a part of the design section of this week. I really like how this one came out it might be a new favorite maybe.

Radio Show week 1 summary A summary of all the decisions and processes of the Agents on Air radio show group



Fake Door Ad

Agent TW promo poster

Spies critiquing spies?

Free Sound suggestions

To be or not to bee

Stuck in my head