Design week was a little hectic. Mostly I should correct my other classes and responsibilities were rather hectic and that made this week crazy. That withstanding though design week was a fun one, it made me think more critically about the way that image editing week and design are separate but interconnected at the same time. I had the hardest time with the design blitz this week but I overcame it and think I came up with the upper hand. Personally my favorite assignment for this week might be the Destination Postcard? But that is a hard call to make.

Daily Creates ft. the suffering of my computer-


So some background on this daily create. Thursday I realized whoops I needed to make sure to do that day and Friday’s daily creates to make sure I got all 3 in for the week. Instead of doing it right then I of course said I’ll do it late. A tragic mistake you see, because I remembered it at 11:50 and panicked. I had already read the create earlier in the day and had planned out what I was going to do I just had to do it, so I raced to my computer to compile it together. As always happens when you have a crunch time my computer refused to load webpages first then wouldn’t let me download image or open the image editor. So I’ll admit it I did something bad I started hitting all the computer keys and shaking the laptop out of frustration. Joke was on me though because some how in the process of doing that I accidently pulled an image from my computer and it is stuck in a weird limbo on my screen and I can’t remove it our click it it’s just chilling. Long story short I need to do my daily creates earlier and don’t shake your computer. Proof of my weird apperition.



My attempt at a perfect circle featuring some of my class notes. So featuring fairies and poltergeists. It also resulted in telling the sad tale of how my 2nd grade teacher made me throw out a perfect circle. Or what second grade me thought was a perfect circle. Traumatic times.


10 Stars this week!

Started things off with 4 Icon Story (3 1/2 stars) featuring some very cool icons from the Noun Project. Hint for the answer to what the story is, I referenced the spy in another one of the parts of the class this week.

Next I took on the Word Cloud (3 stars) assignment. I created a word cloud based on everything I have written about my character so far in this class!

Next I did Agent Fawn’s license plate (3 1/2 stars). I tried to imagine what kind of vanity plate my agent would get. (Even if she wouldn’t really get one.)

After the star count we also had the pick one of these 3 thing. I picked the destination post card! I made a snazzy postcard for Beijing using a photograph I took myself.

Next was the Design Blitz, this one I struggled with a bit but ulitmately it was cool. (Plus I got to show off designs I think are awesome, you might see a trend.)

Also throwing it to Design thoughts I looked at both the Vignelli Cannon and show Abstract: Art of the Design to really help round out my thoughts on the designs.



I’m going to call this week a failure in commenting terms because they were more last minute than usual, as was the blogging. Room for improvement for the next two weeks!

Hannah made a cool business card

An interesting take on Design Blitz

Thomas the Tank Engine saves the day

The importance of font choice

Bumper sticker

Secret Agent post card

Goal for next week-

This week I am deciding to set a goal for up coming weeks. I have a very bad habit of doing assignments and forgetting to blog about them for several days. Or I write the blog and then just forget to publish it. I am going to try to get better at actually publishing them when I finish and staying ahead.