Week 4 GO!


Daily Creates:

Assignment time:

The Desk of Agent Fawn a fun assignment where I pictured what my agents desk would look like through the one shot assignment.

Present Past? I took on putting a modern version of a old building back into the past. 3 trials later I had success.

Photo Reflection looking at how I have previously understood and used photography.

Love at the Cat took the one shot assignment and incorporated a cat into it.

The *Red* Photography post I analyzed a still from the Hunt for Red October using the photography elements we learned in the readings.

What’s in A Shadow? a post on shadow photography

Photoblitz all the photos


Someone made a cool stencil flower with a new tool I had never seen before.

A interesting photo analysis of Secret Agent Man.

I enjoyed Maria’s Tinder One Shot take.

Thats a real cute dog there.

I learned a new secret agent quote from “Who Said What?”