Radio week is officially over when I submit this assignment, and turn in our show for the week! This has been a crazy follow up to week one of radio show. Week two was were we had to do everything from script to record to edit. I wrote a very exhaustive recap of the whole process and our groups progress over the week in my radio week post. To give an over view though we created a radio show, commercials and bumpers for the show, and a twitter account for the show. Part of our group goal was to make the show fun and interactive and adding twitter in so that our fellow classmates could correspond with the show when it plays live. We also involved all the characters in our class in the show because it felt like a fun way to get everyone together.

Daily Creates!

First off I shrunk a trophy down to fit into my fingers!

Next I let a police officer realize his dreams of becoming batman.


I had a little trouble commenting this week because everyones posts were about their progress in the project and I did not always know what to say! But I did respond to some of them.

Agent Hannah’s group had a lot of fun.

Apparently there is a radio show about a spy convention.

Many groups had scheduling conflicts.

I am now super excited for the spy convention show. (And equally curious about all the other shows!)