This week was mashups and remixes! Some how it felt like even more work then other weeks have been. (Maybe because it is just that crazy time in the semester.) This week all my mashups and remixes related back to spies and our class theme, focusing mainly on action in storytelling.


Daily Creates



Bond and Bourne– I combined a famous James Bond image with a little hidden Bond. Worth 4 stars.

Disaster and Impossible– A close up a disaster of a force, mashing up a popular image with Mission Impossible explosions. Worth 4 stars

A mission Bond mashup– worth 3 1/2 stars, combining dialogue between Mission Impossible and the Bond film Skyfall into a conversation.

3 posters in 1– A combination of film posters to create one pretend poster. Worth 3 1/2 stars.

Remix Time

Mission not Impossible– a Mashup turned remix with a DS106 themed mission

How to Find a Agent– I remixed the children’s story to create a fictional book about finding my agent


Tutorial– I did a tutorial on the mashup assignment Two Movies, One Line, where I went step by step explaining how to trim videos on MPEG Streamclip and use some basic features in iMovie.


A photo mash of bonds

A combo of Spy Kids and Shark Boy and Lava Girl

Combine all the bird mascots

Notting Hill Actually

Waldo and Video 

World is the word