Audio week as was forewarned was a fair amount of work. Fun work mind you but plenty of work too. I think my most proud part of the week was my fake commercial for underwater living, mostly because I had the most fun making it. However the over all coolest part of this whole week was the live tweeting of Limetown with the class. I really enjoyed getting to hear from everyone all at once and interact plus Limetown was just crazy good on its own too.

Daily Creates-

Assignments and Stars-

Sound Effect story– all sound effects to create a cool story. 3 stars

Moon Graffiti & Storytelling

Broadcasting Ideas

Voicemail? I created a voicemail for a character, it was a lot of work.  3 stars

DS106 Radio

DS106 Radio Bumper

Free Sounds Breathe – 3 stars

Aqualife Ad– 3 1/2 stars



Agent Slota’s 911 broadcast post

A video game sound story.

A very cool ringtone mix

Speed Dating with Jennifer Anniston

Morality in Limetown

Juicy Facebook Convo

This week because of DS106 Radio I did a lot more twitter commenting and communication each night. I also helped out Hannah get it so that her blog would accept comments because it had not been before.