This week was the start of video for this course. We were given the option of either doing 10 stars of video each week or forming a group and making a 15-30 minute video show. I really enjoyed working on the radio show in my room so when Amari suggested we team up again I was in. Amari, Katey, and I decided to take on the project together. We decided to make a show called Your Guide to being a Spy. (I’ve written a blog post all about the process of creating that show so far, and the exciting points ahead on the project. ) The show is going to be a mix of footage of our agents on the show with a interesting cut out based diagram sections. We are excited an planning out the next steps to share it  with the class.

Daily Create:

I stumped people with my half drawn map.

Video Show progress- learn all about our upcoming show and the steps we’ve taken to make it great!

Interview- this week we had to piece together an interview from the three contributors of interviewers as our spies. I chose questions from all of the clips to mix things up.

Trailer- As a part of being in the group project video show we had to create a trailer for our show “Your Guide to being a Spy” I used stop motion to create my trailer as a preview for the type of set up we might use.

Video Essay– For this assignment I looked at the types of editing and staging used in the film Mission Impossible during a famous train scene. Looking specifically how movement impacts tension.



Heather did a video essay on Nancy Drew

An interesting video essay on Skyfall (I really enjoyed watching the video essays this week.)

Agent Zero’s interview had very nice audio

The Rob Lowe interview

Censoring 22 Jump Street