This week was the final of the final weeks of DS106. It’s been an exciting a crazy semester. My advice for future DS106 students post really captures the spirit of anything I could say about this course.

Amari and I worked together to create a interesting and multimedia filled project that we are proud of and enjoyed. So I am going to let “The Directorate’s Spy” speak for itself.

I also wrote an extensive and insanely long write up to this project. So this weekly summary will be real brief to concede to the content to that post.

I do not have any official comments yet on class mates final projects but that is because I am waiting for everyone’s amazing work to come in so I can enjoy it all at once. (I’ll update this with comments on those projects once they are all up!)

DS106 has been crazy in a great way and a lot of work but 100% worth it all the way.