This week started off with live listen in to the radio shows everyone worked so hard on the last two weeks. I was very impressed by the variety of shows people had created and that each show was so difficult. I was proud of how my groups show went (even if listening again I found things I wanted to change) and really enjoyed running our radio show’s twitter account leading up to and during the radio show.  In my Radio Show Listen I had ideas about a few of the shows that went on air  Monday and Tuesday.

Now the main assignment this week was the web assignment. This assignment was a lot of fun but there were plenty of ways it could go wrong not surprisingly I experienced a few! But I also got to learn some cool stuff and mess around and it did not feel like an assignment. But here are some more detailed thoughts on writing the web.

Dail Creates:

This week in daily creates we had to create a narrative with the daily creates we made. (I’m glad I noticed that before I started making daily creates so that I could keep it in mind as I worked.)

Can you guess the story before going to the dedicated page?


Radio Show Listen – I mentioned this one earlier but wanted to formally include it here as well.

Agent Resume– I made a fun resume for my agent including her fake headshot and prior experience. I also hosted it on it’s own page on my site! (3 1/2 stars)

HOW IT BEGAN– The next assignment I took on was creating a page dedicated to how a group was started. I decided to use my radio group as inspiration! (Because I super enjoyed our project and it would also stay in character and in theme!) So I wrote about the shows humble beginnings and all the people involved in it.

And! The showcase of the 3 projects I thought were amazing! DS106 Showcase



Redecoration time 

Pickachu Get’s a resume

A new buzzfeed quiz to take