This week was my very first for plenty of DS 106 assignments. It was also my first set of daily creates! I started it up with some dog propaganda, learned how to print a youtube video (honestly had to google what that was), and made a fun book mashup. So far really digging the daily creates below are the three I did this week.

This daily create was proof you never know when that random book you picked up at a book sale can come in handy.

The first assignment I tackled from the assignment bank was making a character connection map on Kumu. I created a James Bond character map which was a fun introduction into Kumu and how much of a story you can explore just through characters alone.

Next I decided to chose an assignment the GIF section. I created a cute animal GIF of my dog freaking out about balloons.

For the final assignment bank selection I went to image editing. I created a Helvetica vintage image for it.


I also started commenting on sites this week.

I commented on Agent Maria’s post about her awesome Spy Buzzfeed quiz (which gave a new spy movie I need to go watch).

I also commented on Agent Slota’s post about Akismet.

I also interacted a bit on twitter this week but I’m hoping to greatly increase the participation for next week.


A good week all in all excited to start the mission of next week already.