This week was the writing week where we got to create our characters that we will be using throughout the semester.


Daily Creates

I was a little slow on the Daily Creates this week and went down to the wire completing the last one today. But they are always an adventure.

Writing Assignments

I also got to create my character Agent Fawn. I had a lot of fun creating the character dossier thought I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how I wanted my character to be or who they would be.

Another exciting part of exploring my character was completing the assignment Examining the spy. Admittedly I wrote the assignment so it was my obvious choice from the list of suggestions because I really wanted to complete it. I found my character came out of the idea of real life spies more than fictional spies after carefully examining her.

We also had to watch a bunch of video this week which was great but I might have underestimated how long movies are.

I did a blog post on the many tv shows and films in the secret agent genre, complicatedly titled The Hunt for Spy Kids Avengers.

I also took on the shape of storytelling assignment with Shape that Story post. Where I complicate how Vonnegut’s theory works within the story I analyzed.


Now its time to talk about my 8 STARS. Looking through all the assignments I found it interesting how so many assignments are either 4 or 2 stars in general. (I spent a lot of time trying to decide which ones to take on this week.)

2 stars- The first one I tried my hand at was writing the ending to a wrong choice on a choose your own adventure story. I loved the creativity in all these assignments but was hyped for this one in particular. I wrote my Bad Choice ending and man was it a bad choice.

4 1/2 stars- The next take on was creating the inner monologue of a tool. The assignment suggested trying to keep it vague enough to make you guess about the tool and I tried that approach.

2 stars- To round up to the 8th star I completed the Recipe Haiku challenge. I went with a simple recipe but a standard I eat when I am home.


I love looking at other people’s work but I am still getting the hang of commenting and being constructive.

I enjoyed this particular post on commonalities in the spy genre because it approached it in a different way and commented about that.

I also commented on Spies Need Nostalgia too

I also commented on a poem parody as well.

Also about Spy Kids as a spy movie choice.